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Berati - an Albanian San Marino

Written by Ilirjan Gjika on Wednesday, 09 January 2013. Posted in English

Berat is a White Bethlehem - ..... Indro Montaneli (1939)

Berati - an Albanian San Marino


Berat is a White Bethlehem. Watched from far, it seems a cartoon city, as only Walt Disney can build one, placing with poetry its geometry. Houses, all white with green blinds are one above the other, in the race who arrives first at the top of a rock burned from the sun, which has been divided in two peaces from strong currents of  Osumi ..... Indro Montaneli ( 1939).

Saranda, the nymph of the Albanian coast.

Written by Ilirjan Gjika on Wednesday, 10 October 2012. Posted in English

Saranda, the city ''loved'' not only by the Albanians but also from foreigners


Saranda, the small town that can be called “The getaway to the Southern Albania” is situated between high mountains and the blue Ionian Sea. Built on the Ionian seashore, facing the greek island of Corfu, Saranda injoyes a typical mediterranean cilmate, wich is gentle and characterized by optimal seawater temperature. The favorable geografic position and climate, make Saranda one of the most appealing touristic destination in Albania and not only for these reasons but also for its historic and archeologic values.


Shkodra the land of genesis

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Shkodra cradle of culture

Shkodra the land of genesis

Shkodra is one of the largest and most important cities of Albania and lies in the northwest part of the country. It is also the biggest trade center of the North. Being one of the most ancient cities too, was established in the last millennium B.C. as the capital city of the Illyrian tribe of the Labeates. It was a very developed economic centre, under the leading of King Agron and Queen Teuta. During that period, the city lied from Shkodra Lake, till in the Kotorri Bay.Visiting Shkodra means to give to onself the privilege to touch the ancient history of Albania, its culture which comes from the deep times, its geography, rare and marvellous, the fine humor, the charcateristic hospitality and the funny people. Being one of the most ancient cities in Albania, Shkodra has given to its country, many  personalities of history and culture, during all the periods. Shkodra is called very early, the cradle of the culture.

Vlora - the city with two seas....

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Welcome to the most beautiful albanian coast city...

Vlora - the city with two seas....

Vlora is one of the most beautiful cities of Albania and is right to be proud. Called the "City of the flag,'''City with two seas" or "southern Adriatic port''she regarded as the pearl of the Albanian tourism, with its shores, Karaburun, Sazan, Llogora, Castle of Kanina, Narta Lagoon , numerous beaches, monuments, people, land and sea. Vlora occupies a deserved place in the history of Albania,  also keeping the status of the hero city. The city where Skanderbeg was married, where Albania's independence was declared, an arena of wars for freedom and Albanian resistance, Vlora has a different status as natural parlor of painters, artists home and a bridge to connect Albania with the world. City Where Was married Skanderbeg, Albania's Independence Where Was declared, an arena of wars for freedom and New Resistance, Vlora faces a different status as natural parlor of Painters, artists and home to bridge the world of Albania

Tirana the 24h living city

Written by Flora Xhemani Baba on Friday, 27 July 2012. Posted in English

In the city where entertainment is never finished

Tirana is the largest city of Albania and its capital concurrently. A roaring city full of life, Tirana has collected in her bosom almost of 40% of the population living in Albania, who see the capital as a better opportunity for life and their future. Tirana is also the main administrative center, where are located almost all state institutions such as Presidency, Prime Ministry, the Albanian Parliament, the Supreme Court, the ministries and other state institutions of the second and third level. In Tirana are also located all diplomatic representations of states with which Albania has diplomatic relations, and the headquarters of the political institutions of Europe. Tirana is the largest center of education in the country, with a University Corpus involving all branches of education, but also with a number of private universities, which operate in recent years.