Krorezi - the dream of a summer day

Krorezi - the dream of a summer day

Written by Flora Xhemani Baba on Tuesday, 06 March 2012. Posted in English

Krorezi - the dream of a summer day

Offering a tourist destination to visit means a that this destiancionshouldn’t be easily accessible,and at least not impossible to touch. We do not know if we should categorize our secret place this time as hardly accessible or completely inaccessible. This will depend on your tastes, how will you attract what you will say, of course, how willing would you be for a little adventure.

For one thing are totally sure, that Krorezi, to which we will lead you this time, is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting beaches of the coast of Saranda, a simple beauty and unique, that if we postpone it of our Mediterranean coast, will stay very well the Caribbean, for the crystalline water, the deep emerald color, fractures and infinite shades of the shore, the severity of sand that gradually broken by the soft sand to pinpoint, the intimacy that creates the two sides of the rocks that close small bay, an full of the like ....

Krorezi is not a beach that you can visit daily and for many reasons. The main thing is that there is no road that leads up there. The only is the sea route, small boats or big boats must depart from the port of Saranda. With a sea journey of 30 minutes and a charge that today ranges from 500 to 1000 ALL (and that depends on the private entity that transports you), you may find yourself in this gorgeous beach and spend a holiday there will not easy to forget.

In fact there was also a second way that you can send to Krorezi and passed through Kakomese bay. From beach Kakomese is less than half a mile to the shore space Krorezi and more intrepid can undertake such a challenge with swimming. But as long Kakomeja is "colonized" by Club Med's and not known when they can be persuaded them to remove the fences that surround the bay, brave adventurers to enjoy the journey by boat, or leave yourself from the coast of Saranda with small kayak, which will give pleasure to another.

But Krorezi is a magical beach which, although not possible due to massive positions that have,is however visited. Groups of young people who have forwarded the news to each other during dinner conversations in the cafes of Tirana, after returning from vacation, for"a bomb beach" and take the long journey from Tirana to Saranda, even just to a route to this particular beach, somewhere near Kakomea, but that is "even more beautiful than Kakomea, just when most people will see you will give me the right." And so far no one has returned from there, disappointed by the companion story.

Once the sand casting leg stiff pebbly shore,you feel the absolute power of peace that reigns on the beach. Nothing is heard but the noise of waves, that come to lick the side of the overlap in the three rocks in the corner of the bay- three wonderful natural springboard, who held onto their back a lot of young people feet.


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